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An error—errata is the plural—identified in a printed periodical which indicates that a substantial error was identified in the work
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It is mentioned only in a puzzling post-publication errata sheet, which states that reference to Eckert's work should have been included at the end of a particular footnote in the text.
What we published was riddled with typographical errors, dropped words, garbled sentences far too many for us to simply publish an errata sheet. We felt it our professional responsibility to Professor Emery, Professor Weisbuch, and The University of Chicago Press to produce a corrected version in toto.
Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(e), witnesses can use an errata sheet to correct typographical errors and any inaccurate testimony.
When Judge Holloway completed an "errata sheet" to her deposition, she admitted she did have a brief telephone conversation with the detective after all.
A few days after the deposition is transcribed, the client sheepishly hands his attorney his completed errata sheet. He was wrong on a lot of his testimony, he says, and has corrected himself with a couple of pages of significant changes to the substance of his testimony, involving matters critical to the litigation.
I hope that some of the more egregious errors will soon be excised in a reprinting; failing that, an errata sheet would be a start.
He has, however, not rewritten the original book, and the transitional paragraphs to the new material were inserted on a long errata sheet in the copy I received.
An errata sheet is included to address wrong wording on the back cover of this volume.
An included CD-ROM contains all the needed data files; an errata sheet is also included for functions in two sessions.
When changes are made, reasons must be listed on the errata sheet explaining why the witness made the changes.