Kretschmer, Ernst

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Ernst, German psychiatrist, 1888-1964.
Kretschmer types - personality traits related to physical type.
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Su un altro autore classico del nonsense in lingua tedesca, Christian Morgenstern, autore dei famosi Galgenlieder, e incentrato il saggio di Ernst Kretschmer che ripercorre le trasformazioni di due poesie: Der Werwolf e Fisches Nachtgesang.
Franz Goll's interest in science, and particularly in Darwinism and the physiognomic theories of the much-read psychiatrist, Ernst Kretschmer, was a common one; his diary is full of biological vocabulary and speculations.
38) Medical dialogue was often combined with hypnosis, which, for the first time, was successfully established as an important medium for psychological treatments of Kriegsneurosen by Max Nonne and Ernst Kretschmer.
Challenging the testimony of a patient corresponds with the form of psychotherapeutic dialog the contemporary psychologist Ernst Kretschmer established, which he called sokratisches Gesprach (Socratic dialog).
During the 1920s Ernst Kretschmer, a German professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, and the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung both published books concerning personality type.
Kets de Vries uses a quote from Ernst Kretschmer that seems appropriate to end this review: "It is a funny thing with psychopaths.