Weber, Ernst Heinrich

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Weber, Ernst Heinrich

Ger. anatomist and physiologist, 1795–1878.

Weber deception

Silver thaler illusion.

Weber law

The increase in stimulus necessary to produce the smallest perceptible increase in sensation bears a constant ratio to the strength of the stimulus already acting.

Weber paradox

A muscle loaded beyond its ability to contract may elongate.
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Ernst Heinrich, German physiologist and anatomist, 1795-1878.
Fechner-Weber law - Synonym(s): Weber-Fechner law
Weber experiment - if the peripheral end of the divided vagus nerve is stimulated, the heart is arrested in diastole.
Weber law - Synonym(s): Weber-Fechner law
Weber paradox - if a muscle is loaded beyond its power to contract, it may elongate.
Weber-Fechner law - the intensity of a sensation varies by a series of equal increments as the strength of the stimulus is increased geometrically. Synonym(s): Fechner-Weber law; Weber law
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