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Sir Ernst Boris, 1906-1979, co-winner of 1945 Nobel Prize for work related to penicillin.
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It was not for another ten years or so that penicillin's astonishing properties were established at Oxford by the Australian professor of pathology, Howard Florey, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany named Ernst Chain and an Englishman called Norman Heatley.
He describes the men who were involved in the 1940s work: the Australianborn, Howard Florey; the Jewish exile, Ernst Chain; and the English scientist, Norman Heatley.
This revision of history seeks to set the record straight about the roles of Alexander Fleming, Howard Florey, and Ernst Chain in the creation of penicillin and the advent of modern medicine AS Lax reports, Fleming discovered a stray mold's potential against bacteria in a chance observation and subsequently coined the term penicillin.