Starling, Ernest Henry

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Starling, Ernest Henry

Brit. physiologist, 1866–1927

Starling law

A law that states that the force of blood ejected by the heart is determined primarily by the length of the fibers of its muscular wall (i.e., an increase in diastolic filling lengthens the fibers and increases the force of muscular contraction).

Starling law of intestine

A law stating that a stimulus within the intestine (that is, the presence of food) initiates a band of constriction on the proximal side and relaxation on the distal side and results in a peristaltic wave.
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Ernest Henry, English physiologist, 1866-1927.
Frank-Starling curve - Synonym(s): Starling curve
Starling curve - a graph in which cardiac output or stroke volume is plotted against mean atrial or ventricular end-diastolic pressure. Synonym(s): Frank-Starling curve
Starling equilibrium
Starling hypothesis
Starling law of the heart - the energy liberated by the heart when it contracts is a function of the length of its muscle fibers at the end of diastole. Synonym(s): law of the heart
Starling law of the intestine - food causes a band of constriction proximally and relaxation distally, resulting in a peristaltic wave.
Starling reflex - tapping the volar surfaces of the fingers causes flexion.
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In Britain, for instance, Ernest Starling told the Royal College of Physicians in 1923 that although further observations were necessary before the results of the Steinach operation could be accepted unreservedly,

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