Erlenmeyer Flask Appearance

A morphologic descriptor for a deformity, lesion, or mass that is broad-based and tapers to a relatively narrow neck, likened to an Ehrlenmeyer flask used in organic chemistry
Gastroenterology The EF appearance refers to the colonic pathology seen in patients with fulminant Entamoeba histolytica-induced amebiasis; gross examination reveals mucosal ulcerations with a narrow neck and a flask-like broad base; the extensive submucosal lesion may be covered by relatively intact mucosa
Imaging—bone The EF change corresponds to undertubulization of the distal femur and loss of its usual constriction, due to ischaemic necrosis. This is a non-specific finding also seen in healing fractures, rickets, scurvy, cystic fibrosis, extra- and intrahepatic biliary atresia, enchondromatosis, chronic lead poisoning, Gaucher’s disease, adult hypophosphatasia, osteopetrosis, diffuse osteosclerosis, Pyle’s disease—craniometaphyseal dysplasia/dysostosis—dysosteosclerosis, thalassemia major, and von Gierke’s disease
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