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Emil, German chemist, 1825-1909. See: Erlenmeyer flask, Erlenmeyer flask deformity.
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7%) showed different pictures of deformities, and the most prevalent one was Erlenmeyer deformity which presented in 33%.
Add 500 mI of wastewaters from AI-Nasiriya refinery after sterilized by autoclave to Erlenmeyer flasks and incubated with 10 mI from axenic and mixed cultures of fungi spores ([10.
Container capacities range from 125 mL to 2 liters for media bottles, 1 and 2 liters for Erlenmeyer flasks, and 2.
porcelain bowls, desiccators, oven, the Bunsen-burner, furnace, flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Kjedahl flask, distillation apparatus, lipid beaker, Soxhlet tube.
BioClosure System Assemblies include Single-Use AdvantaFlex fluid transfer tubing and molded container closures, plus filters and caps for media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and carboys.
The inoculum was prepared by growing the organism in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask with 100 ml of Potato Dextrose broth.
The bath accepts 15ml and 50ml tubes, plus Erlenmeyer flasks and media bottles up to one liter.
Thickening of long bones with failure of metaphyseal remodeling results in expansion of metaphyseal regions [3] and gross undertubulation leads to the Erlenmeyer flask deformity.