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Emil, German chemist, 1825-1909. See: Erlenmeyer flask, Erlenmeyer flask deformity.
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Glass wool and perforated saran wraps were used to cover the open mouths of Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers, respectively.
O Agar EMB foi colocado juntamente com a agua destilada em um erlenmeyer e aquecido com movimento constante ate se obter uma suspensao translucida levemente arroxeada entao, placas de Petri foram preenchidas com quantidade suficiente desta suspensao.
The culture supernatant was transferred to Erlenmeyer flasks (125 mL) and acidified to pH 1.0 with concentrated sulfuric acid.
Sorption isotherm experiment was done by taking all the optimized values of parameters and varying the lead ion concentration as 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, and 75 mg/L in a separate 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask.
Volumes (mL) Erlenmeyer DCPIP [1 g Flasks BH [L.sup.-1]] [H.sub.2]O 0 90.000 0.000 10.000 1 90.000 0.595 9.405 2 90.000 1.190 8.810 3 90.000 2.380 7.620 4 90.000 3.571 6.429 5 90.000 4.761 5.239 Erlenmeyer [DCPIP] (mg [Abs..sub.600] Flasks [L.sup.-1]) nm u.a 0 0.000 0.0000 1 5.950 0.0880 2 11.900 0.1730 3 23.800 0.3620 4 35.710 0.5490 5 47.610 0.7270 Table 4.
Distillate was put into erlenmeyer which contains 50 ml of HCl 0,1N and 5 drops of MR--MB indicator (purple), until the solution volume in erlenmeyer gets 150-175 ml.
For this method, the measurement of the oxygen reduction in a hermetically closed Erlenmeyer is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence principle.
Mites were extracted using a Berlese funnel apparatus (funnels had a diameter of 25 cm and height of 35 cm, with 1-2-mm mesh screens that were fitted with 30 W tungsten filament lamps at an appropriate distance) over Erlenmeyer flasks containing 70% alcohol placed at the end of the funnel stems over 24 h.
Los signos y sintomas caracteristicos en el sistema esqueletico comprometido por la EG son: Dolor oseo agudo o cronico, crisis osea, infiltracion de la medula osea, osteopenia / osteoporosis, falla de remodelacion osea (deformidad en matraz de Erlenmeyer), osteonecrosis, osteolisis/ osteoesclerosis, fracturas oseas (espontaneas), retardo en el crecimiento esqueletico (3,4).