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(ûr′lăng′ər), Joseph 1874-1965.
American physiologist. He shared a 1944 Nobel Prize for developing methods of recording electrical nerve impulses and for his studies on synaptic function.
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PROFITABILITY IMPROVEMENT FROM STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS: Fitch expects Erlanger Health System (EHS) to improve its profitability after the transitional period of increased strategic spending, while sustaining solid coverage of debt better than 'BBB' category medians, mitigating its lighter liquidity metrics.
The facility will operate under the name Erlanger ContinuCare Home Health.
The library system has locations in Covington, Erlanger and Independence to serve the growing Northern Kentucky community.
Erlanger Police initially arrested Prater and held him in the Kenton County Jail on three counts of carrying a concealed deadly weapon and fleeing.
As a citizen of a community served by the Erlanger EMS, it was an honor for me to garner recognition for these first responders, who provide service to my community and my own family," Winnike said.
Information technology at Erlanger is essential to efficiently deliver patient care for both routine and critical situations.
It allows them to temporarily care for the animals until they are well,'' Erlanger said.
The arrival of new honchos Steven Erlanger and Frank Rich to the New York Times' arts section may give staffers the impression that the culture desk is in order.
Because mitochondria seem to play an important role in some neurodegenerative diseases, discovering that fullerene drugs get inside mitochondria "may not be a trivial finding," says Bernard Erlanger of Columbia University, who made the molecular tools that Dugan used to demonstrate the mitochondria-fullerene connection.
International Knife and Saw (IKS), Erlanger, Kentucky, USA, recently unveiled thermoplastic doctor blades and carbon-tipped coater blades to the pulp and paper industry in North and South America.
The exclusion of New York Times reporter Steven Erlanger from Indonesia for insulting the country's head of state and the interference with the distribution of The International Herald Tribune for its circulating of Erlanger's Times story maintain a tradition-by now well established in that country and in a good many others-of censoring journalists who expose the wealth acquired while in office by heads of state and their families.