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Erikson, Erik

a psychologist who described the development of identity of the self and the ego through successive stages that naturally unfold throughout the lifespan. The eight stages are trust vs. mistrust (infancy); autonomy vs. shame and doubt (toddlerhood); initiative vs. guilt (preschool); industry vs. inferiority (middle childhood); identity vs. role confusion (adolescence); intimacy vs. isolation (young adulthood); generativity vs. stagnation (middle adulthood); and ego integrity vs. despair (older adulthood).
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Erikson - in 1989 she became a founding partner at Rogen International, one of the world's most successful communication consultancies, and when she sold her stake 12 years later, its turnover had soared to $25m - suggests looking round a restaurant at the way people are sitting together.
Democrats hope that Erikson and his colleagues are right.
Erikson has also stated that important relationships must be in place to support development during each psychosocial crisis.
On the one hand, contemporary data used by Erikson and Goldthorpe (1992) or Ganzeboom, Luijkx and Treiman (1989) have been collected during the second part of the XXth Century and they can at best provide a picture of social mobility since the beginning of the XXth Century.
What Erikson and Drucker seem to be hinting at is that there may be a fourth and/or fifth line for assessing CEOs--total market information and/or customer knowledge creation.
To produce a more balanced account, incorporating both historical belongingness and achievement, Wallulis returns in the fourth chapter to the work of Habermas, this time to his more recent work on the theory of communicative action, and compares Habermas and Erikson on ego identity.
Erikson also wrote " psychohistories, " in which he used the psychosocial stages to study the lives of such diverse historical figures as Gandhi and George Bernard Shaw.
In addition to its annual events, the Norwegian National League supports Norwegian heritage by presenting cultural programs and displays at schools, libraries, and other events such as: Leif Erikson festivals, holiday folk festivals and Scandinavian festivals.
In his classic work, "Childhood and Society," Erik Erikson defined the eight stages of development of a person.
BAR HARBOR, MAINE - Gordon Iver Erikson, 92, died on March 16, in Boston.