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European Risk and Incidence, a Coordinated Analysis. A mega-collaboration intended to establish, through uniform analysis, the distribution of risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD) in Europe, compute a risk-map of Europe, and, by using available follow-up data, devise European coefficients for the multiple logistic function prediction of future CHD events
Conclusion Age, serum cholesterol, systolic, and cigarette smoking are all significant contributors to multiple risk for major acute coronary events (MACE) with CHD
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May had recorded a long interview with Erica's mother Vera in the 90s, before she developed dementia, so she knew the nuts and bolts.
Erica's family were well-to-do Jews living in Hungary.
May added : "I knew Erica went to Cambridge and Oxford in the 50s but there was no detail about who else was there and what the family were doing.
The story that emerged was of a woman with so much potential but it went sour for Erica.
Erica noted: "He can woof and baa but his biaow needs some improvement."
As her research progressed, May's view of her Erica changed.
CHANGING HER VIEW May with a portrait of Erica. Pic: Phil Dye
A new European heather: Erica lusitanica Rudolphi subsp.
Aportacion al estudio taxonomico de las especies de los generos Erica y Calluna presentes en Galicia.
Notes on the morphology and distribution of Erica and Calluna in Galicia, North-western Spain.
The status of, and correct name for, Erica <<Stuartii>>.
Hills (TV Trophy): 7-4 Shelbourne Star, 2 Ericas Equity, 5 Keltie Sparkler, 7 Iceman Yank, 10 Creamery Euro, Latin Beauty, 16 bar