Homo Ergaster

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A hominid species that lived between 1.8 and 1.3 million years ago in eastern and southern Africa; most—not all—experts regard H ergaster as a distinct species and the direct ancestor of H erectus; he was tall and appears to have used stone tools, despite his relatively diminutive, great ape-sized cranial cavity
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Tal desarrollo cognitivo tuvo un largo camino en su evolucion, pues se precisaban unas altas capacidades cognitivas, logrando su maxima expresion tras la aparicion evolutiva y pleno desarrollo del Horno ergaster y erectus y el inicio del Horno sapiens arcaico.
The Hoino ergaster skeleton WT15000 (Kenya) is excluded as that was derived from the edge of a swamp, not a river.
ergaster (Africa) appear in the stratigraphic record about 2 MYBP.
ergaster fossils, but no fossils of any member of the human evolutionary family have been found in the Windsorton vicinity.
ergaster skulls from Asia, Africa, and Georgia, formerly in the Soviet Union.
ergaster classification and instead place those fossils within H.
ergaster, Abbate and his coworkers report in the June 4 Nature.
ergaster, which lived in eastern Africa close to 2 million years ago, and H.
ergaster, which date to around 2 million years ago.