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(ĕr′ə-sĭs′trə-təs) fl. c. 250 bc.
Greek physician and anatomist. Through observation and dissection he advanced the understanding of the brain, heart, and motor and sensory nerves.
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I leave off speaking of the several opinions of Asclepiades, Prassagora, Diocles, Ephilistion, Erasistratos, (17) and many others on the reason for which respiration has been bestowed on us, just as I decline also to say in what way it nourishes the spirits of the brain (as a subject that I do not say I don't know well), but on this occasion perhaps is excessive.
He cites four different sources (Diagoras, Erasistratos, Andreas and Mnesidamos) to support this claim, a clear indication of the importance the ancients attached to this drug.
2) was an adherent of the dogmatic doctrine, and Erasistratos was an empiricist (later Methodist).