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(ĕr′ə-sĭs′trə-təs) fl. c. 250 bc.
Greek physician and anatomist. Through observation and dissection he advanced the understanding of the brain, heart, and motor and sensory nerves.
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He cites four different sources (Diagoras, Erasistratos, Andreas and Mnesidamos) to support this claim, a clear indication of the importance the ancients attached to this drug.
In the first, he surveys the history of anatomy, in order to show that Renaissance anatomists not only did not reject the authority of the Greeks, but that each of three major sixteenth-century Italian writers in the field aimed literally to revive the investigative program of a different Greek predecessor or predecessors: Galen, in the case of Vesalius; Herophilos and Erasistratos, in the case of Realdo Colombo; and Aristotle, in the case of Girolamo Fabrizi.