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Referring to the equal chance of two events occurring
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For an observer which do not have any idea concerning quantum mechanics and the laws of optics, this equiprobability is the most reasonable guess if he wants only to consider the photons he actually detected.
A decision maker's attempt to assure equal probabilities will be sufficient to attract our attention--understanding that literal equiprobability might be impossible, that lack of relevant information might be required, and that orthogonal randomization might be an acceptable substitute.
Of the 15 students with partial-statistical responses on Item 1, seven used level 2 type of responses whereas the rest based their reasoning on intuitions such as equiprobability bias (Level 1).
(16.) John Harsanyi, for example, advocates a utilitarian account of choice in the original position and uses an "equiprobability postulate" that maximizes the mean utility level of all individuals in society.
Analysis assumptions used were the following: Equiprobability was assigned for all groups for prior probabilities for the analysis, and the covariance matrix used was a within-groups design.
One explanation Connor and Simberloff (1978, 242) gave as to why the NHI produced the results it did for the avifauna was that "the assumption of equiprobability (of dispersal and persistence capabilities) is closer to reality for birds than plants." This rationale is equally valid for alien flora, when contrasted with the native flora.
The longer line appeared on either the right or the left side of the stimulus with equiprobability. The mask, from Nettelbeck and Rabbitt (1992), was composed of two vertical lines, both 46 mm in length, appearing slightly thicker in the centre of the line between 18 and 38 cm from the top (see Fig.
The Quick Basic pseudo-random number algorithm was tested by converting the output to numbers from 1 to 4, and testing 10,000 of these numbers for the equiprobability of occurrence at the singlet and doublet levels.
Although this may not be true over short periods of time for actual species, a certain long-term birth/death equiprobability surely prevails for every species that has survived to the present day.
Weights are used to solve the equiprobability problem of the ECBC which results from two overrepresentations, namely the agents with secondary and college education levels and the agents from the Madrid housing area.
He thinks information theory, when dealing with codes in a universe that are infinite, such as knowledge, confuses equiprobability and information, thus confusing disorder and information.
The maximax rule, the pessimism-optimism rule, the equiprobability rule, and the minimax regret rule are also consistent with rationality and complete ignorance."); cf.