equine infectious anemia

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equine infectious anemia

A viral disease in horses marked by progressive anemia, a staggering gait, and fever.

e·quine in·fec·tious a·ne·mi·a

(ē'kwīn in-fek'shŭs ă-nē'mē-ă)
A worldwide disease of horses and other equids, caused by equine infectious anemia virus marked by general debility, remittent fever, staggering gait, progressive anemia, and loss of flesh; it is transmitted by bloodsucking insects and by contact, oral infection, or the use of unsterilized syringes and needles.
Synonym(s): swamp fever (1) .
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Webbon himself dealt with equine infectious anaemia - EIA, but better known as swamp fever - which he said was largely unknown in Britain until it exploded on to the scene in 2006, when 28 cases were diagnosed in Ireland.
A new code on equine infectious anaemia (swamp fever) has been included, after consultation with all equine sectors and the veterinary profession.
THE Irish government has stepped up measures to prevent another outbreak of equine infectious anaemia (EIA), more than a year after the disease made its first reported appearance in Ireland and five months after the last restrictions were removed from at-risk premises, writes Rachel Pagones.
As well as reviewing current legislation and encouraging education, the strategy will review the impacts of infectious disease, again in the headlines last year after the devastating outbreak of equine infectious anaemia in Ireland.
Since Ireland's first cases of Equine Infectious Anaemia were diagnosed on June 15, all Irish runners in Britain have had to be shown to be free of the disease, which is usually fatal and is spread by biting flies.
ALL remaining restrictions imposed as a result of last year's outbreak of equine infectious anaemia in Ireland were lifted yesterday by the minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Coughlan TD.
Fox has not been allowed to have a runner since Leaveittwomebob was diagnosed with Equine Infectious Anaemia disease, also known as Swamp Fever.
Heading the list of topics is a viral update, with particular focus on Equine Infectious Anaemia, which struck the Irish bloodstock industry with devastating effects last year.

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