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In 1788, the celibate Shakers attempted to institutionalize equality of the sexes in their theology, government, and daily practice.
Predating English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft's similar proclamation, Murray published her most radical essay, 'On the Equality of the Sexes,' in 1790.
As early as 1487, Goggio dedicated a treatise to Duchess Eleonora d'Aragona of Ferrara criticizing the inferior social and legal status of women on the basis of the essential equality of the sexes.
The married father of two girls added that he wanted his tenure to mark 'the beginning of complete equality of the sexes [and] the unceasing fight against criminal machismo.
The party's project team for constitutional amendment came under fire from many women's groups last year, when it insisted on revising Article 24 of the Constitution that provides for essential equality of the sexes in matters pertaining to marriage and family.
A patriarchy does not only not accept the equality of the sexes, it also has a hard time understanding the principles of democracy and its essence.
posits a new rule for the correct theological reading of Scripture on the man-woman relation: "All texts that speak of the equality of the sexes speak of God's ultimate eschatological ideal; all texts that speak of the subordination of women are culturally limited, time bound, practical advice to women living in a culture that took for granted the subordination of women.
Apparently the financial and business communities hadn't heard about equality of the sexes and the construction industry was contesting Affirmative Action rulings.
Women in the developing world are quite literally centuries behind us in respect of the equality of the sexes.
In classical philosophy the soul was in principle sexless, and this was also true of early Christian theology, which preached the spiritual equality of the sexes.
What's more, even as the equality of the sexes was gaining wider acceptance, women's loss of their role as producers may have diminished their status, as some authors have argued.
I did the buns book in the early '80s to bring about equality of the sexes, and I think it helped create that happening,'' Jenkins said Wednesday from her Studio City home.
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