Epstein sign

Ep·stein sign

lid retraction in an infant giving it a frightened expression and a "wild glance." See: setting sun sign, Collier sign.
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Ep·stein sign

(ep'stīn sīn)
Lid retraction in an infant giving it a frightened expression and a "wild glance."
See: setting sun sign, Collier sign
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Alois, Czech pediatrician working in Austria, 1849-1918.
Epstein disease - one of a group of local infections suggesting diphtheria, but caused by microorganisms other than Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Synonym(s): diphtheroid
Epstein pearls - multiple small white epithelial inclusion cysts found in the midline of the palate in newborn infants.
Epstein sign - lid retraction in an infant, giving it a frightened expression and a wild glance.
Epstein symptom
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