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The growth of one crystal in one or more specific orientations on the substrate of another kind of crystal, with a close geometric fit between the networks in contact; seen in the alternating layers of different composition in stones from the kidney and gallbladder, indicating an abrupt change of composition during formation.
[epi- + G. taxis, arrangement]
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To conclude, we have given an overview of different magnetization reversal processes and magnetic states occurring in square nanorings grown by sputtering or epitaxially from iron.
[p.sup.+] emitter with a thickness among 10 nm to 200 nm was epitaxially grown on the substrate at 315[degrees] C.
Such epitaxially grown nanowires are repeating the crystal orientation of the substrate and usually grow in Wurtzite (WZ) or Zinc-Blende (ZB) structure differing in the stacking sequences ABABAB and ABCABCABC, respectively, of the atomic bilayers.
The 12 papers include discussions of such matters as creep and the environmental durability of environmental barrier coatings and ceramic matrix composites under imposed thermal gradient conditions, the dynamic oblique angle of deposition of nanostructures for energy applications, preparing epitaxially grown chromium-silicon-nitrogen thin films by pulsed laser deposition, nanocomposite molybdenum-copper-nitrogen coating deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering process with a single alloying target, and improving the service life of shaft-bushing tribo-systems by a plasma sulfur nitrocarburing process.
The cavity region of the 1550 nm VCSEL will be epitaxially grown separately on another GaAs substrate, which will next be etched off and the 1550 nm cavity region will then be wafer-bonded with the already grown 1550 nm bottom DBR mirror system.
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Perhaps, the most convincing argument in favour of the applicability of the simplified Powell model (i.e., neglecting the momentum conservation requirement) is provided by the electron IPE in structures with amorphous insulators and in samples with the same crystalline insulators grown epitaxially on the same silicon photoemitter [49].
Therefore, for example, InGaAsP epitaxially grown on an InP substrate is mainly used as the active layer for near-infrared LEDs with emission wavelengths of 1.00-1.70 [micro]m (0.73-1.24 eV), which includes the optical fiber communication wavelength band.
In one approach, nanostructures are grown epitaxially into some sort of a template, and in the other approach, high quality thin films are etched physically, for instance, by IBL.
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Among invited papers are discussions of spontaneous atomic ordering and magnetism in epitaxially stabilized double-perovskites, complex oxide interfaces as a path for designing new materials, and applying oxide nanomaterials in nonlinear optics.