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The growth of one crystal in one or more specific orientations on the substrate of another kind of crystal, with a close geometric fit between the networks in contact; seen in the alternating layers of different composition in stones from the kidney and gallbladder, indicating an abrupt change of composition during formation.
[epi- + G. taxis, arrangement]
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In the new product "HGE-2G," SDK has succeeded in controlling the density of surface defect (SD), which affects production yield of power semiconductors, to be half of the current HGE by improving epitaxial SiC growth process.
In view of the application advantages of laser recrystallization in the preparation of high-Ge-content SiGe epitaxial layers, in this paper, a thermal physics model of 808 nm laser recrystallization of high-Ge-content SiGe film (take [Si.sub.0.2][Ge.sub.0.8] as an example) on Si substrate is established by finite element numerical simulation.
For both epitaxial nanorings, only onion states are visible; additional steps in the hysteresis loop are correlated with instable modifications of the magnetization distribution in corners which are reversed by small field changes.
The design parameters of the epitaxial bilayer determine the [micro]tube diameters and the [micro]tube nanowall thicknesses, since these features are controlled by the value of the lattice mismatch and by the relative thickness of InGaAs and GaAs layers.
Ordering of Conjugated Polymer Films by Epitaxial Growth during Spin-Coating.
For automotive applications, meanwhile, large chips measuring around 10mm square are made out of epitaxial wafers.
As the 21st century opened, the significance of epitaxy had prompted the federal government to invest in a dedicated facility that would provide a private clientele with everything from basic design services to epitaxial growth of finished components.
Several epitaxial layers with different dopant doping levels were deposited on a silicon substrate by the vapour phase epitaxy.
As for UV photodetector fabrication, the interdigitated Pt (thickness ~100 nm) Ohmic contact electrode was fabricated via conventional UV lithography, wet-etching methods, and RF magnetron sputtering to form finger-pattern onto epitaxial ZnO (0002) films.
Hasta la fecha se ha realizado una gran cantidad de investigacion, tanto teorica como experimental de peliculas delgadas superconductoras de alta temperatura critica de transicion (SAT), cuya sintesis requiere un crecimiento epitaxial [1, 2].
Compound semiconductor materials for which the company will expand production are GaAs epitaxial wafers (GaAs epiwafers) prepared by thin film crystal growth of materials, such as GaAs, on GaAs substrates.
Whitaker cautioned that the process of growing GaN on silicon--which could significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of developing LED epitaxial wafers from sapphire or silicon carbide substrates--was yet untested and didn't take into account "things like uniformity, reproducibility and yield."