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In the neighborhood of the pterion.
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In the case report by Satheesha & Soumya (2008), they found only three epipteric bones on the right pterion region in Indian adult skulls.
Epipteric bones in the pterion may be a surgical pitfall.
Pterion and epipteric bones in Japanese adults and fetuses, with special reference to their formation and variations.
Four types of Pterion (sphenoparietal, frontotemporal, stellate, and epipteric) were defined by Murphy in 1956.
Epipteric type of pterion was not encountered in the present study, this is significant as in Nigerians it accounts 23.6% (13), Australian Aborigines 18.5% (16), and in other Indian studies it ranges from 6.74% to 11.79% which was mostly associated with sphenoparietal type (10,17).
Epipteric bone in the pterion may be a surgical pitfall.