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 [ep″ĭ-did´ĭ-mis] (pl. epididy´mides) (Gr.)
an elongated, cordlike structure along the posterior border of the testis, whose coiled duct provides for the storage, transport, and maturation of spermatozoa. adj., adj epidi´dymal.
Vertical section of testis showing the head, body, and tail of the epididymis. From Dorland's, 2000.
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, gen.


, pl.


(ep'i-did'i-mis, -di-dim'i-dis, -di-dim'i-dēz), [TA]
An elongated structure connected to the posterior surface of the testis, consisting of the head, body, and tail, which turns sharply on itself to become the ductus deferens; the main component is the convoluted duct of the epididymis, which in the tail and the beginning of the ductus deferens is a reservoir for sperms. The epididymis transports, stores, and matures sperms between testis and ductus deferens (vas deferens).
Synonym(s): parorchis
[Mod. L. fr. G. epididymis, fr. epi, on, + didymos, twin, in pl. testes]
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n. pl. epididy·mides (-mĭ-dēz′)
A long, narrow, convoluted tube, part of the spermatic duct system, that lies on the posterior aspect of each testicle, connecting it to the vas deferens.

ep′i·did′y·mal adj.
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, pl. epididymides (ep-i-did'i-mis, ep-i-di-dim'i-dēz) [TA]
An elongated structure connected to the posterior surface of the testis, consisting of the head of the epididymis, body of epididymis, and tail of epididymis, which turns sharply on itself to become the ductus deferens; the main component is the very convoluted duct of the epididymis, within the tail and the beginning of the ductus deferens; stores and matures sperms and transports them from testis to ductus deferens (vas deferens).
[Mod. L. fr. G. epididymis, fr. epi, on, + didymos, twin, in pl. testes]
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(ĕp″ĭ-dĭd′ĭ-mĭs) plural.epididymides
A small oblong organ resting on and beside the posterior surface of a testis, consisting of a convoluted tube 13 to 20 ft (3.97 to 6.1 m) long, enveloped in the tunica vaginalis, ending in the ductus deferens. It consists of the head (caput or globus major), which contains 12 to 14 efferent ducts of the testis, the body, and the tail (cauda or globus minor). It is the first part of the secretory duct of each testis. The epididymis is supplied by the internal spermatic, deferential, and external spermatic arteries; it is drained by corresponding veins.
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The long, elaborately coiled tube that lies behind the testicle and connects it to the VAS DEFERENS. Spermatozoa mature during their long journey through this tube and the vas deferens. They also receive stabilizing glycoproteins from the epididymal fluid.
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the long, coiled narrow tube running from the TESTIS to the VAS DEFERENS in the higher vertebrates, being over 5 m long in man; it functions to store sperm and remove water to concentrate sperm.
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A tube in the back of the testes that transports sperm.
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Patient discussion about epididymis

Q. epididymis i have epididymitus,have had it 7 times, but this time its different,im having more bladder like problems, im not urinating very often,about every 8 to 10 hours and having to force it out or to start the urination process, after i start im fine? drinking plenty of liquids,feels like my bladder is always hurting,i know i have a epididymis infection,seeing the dr, end of the week,which is 3 long days from now,lol,could it be more than the epididymis infection, or what?and it hurts to ejaculate during sex

A. i'll answer this one as well :)- infection comes when from some reason a bacteria/virus succeeded in entering your body first defenses and sitting in the epididymis. usually the best way to get there is.. well.. ahh,you know...
it's probably infected your bladder or urethra too. just get an answer from the Dr. what bacteria did it- he'll probably need to take a sample and run tests. in the mean while i recommend cranberry juice. it's a natural and very affective way to fight infections in the urinary tracts. works like a charm..believe me :)

Q. vasecomy what i meant was after the antibiotics have ran its course, and the epididymis has gone back to normal, would a vasecomy keep it from reocuring,or possibly having the epidiymis removed,my wifes tubes are tyed,and we dont want any more kids,so i dont need any of that stuff, but still want to have a sex life, i dont know about the removal part?????i have a drs, appointment at the end of the week,for the epididymis infection,are there any questions i should ask my dr.about, this is my 7th time of getting this infection,and im tired of getting it, i have to miss a lot of work,plus having no nookie,lol,

A. Vasectomy is not chopping of "men best friends"- they leave them be...that because you want them to continue producing testosterone, the male hormone. you should ask - "is it caused by the same virus/bacteria?" .in sexually active men, Chlamydia trachomatis is responsible for two-thirds of cases, followed by Neisseria gonorrhoeae and E. coli. 2 are STD's and the other...well depends on how you approach sex... but it can also could be a viral infection. when you 'll know the cause you'll know how to prevent it. if it's not from the same bacteria/virus- it's some sort of a physical problem you should check out also.
wish you well ;)

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