epidermal growth factor

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ep·i·der·mal growth fac·tor (EGF),

a heat-stable antigenic protein isolated from the submaxillary glands of male mice; when injected into newborn animals, it accelerates eyelid opening and tooth eruption, stimulates epidermal growth and keratinization, and, in larger doses, inhibits body growth and hair development and produces fatty livers.
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A gene on chromosome 4q25 that encodes epidermal growth factor, a potent mitogen that plays a key role in the growth, proliferation and differentiation of numerous cell types; it acts by binding the high-affinity cell surface receptor, epidermal growth factor receptor.

Molecular pathology
Defects in EGF cause hypomagnesaemia type 4; EGF dysregulation is linked to the growth and progression of certain cancers.
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