epidemic dropsy

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ep·i·dem·ic drop·sy

a disease causing occasional epidemics in India and Mauritius; marked by edema, anemia, eruptive angiomatosis, and mild fever; may be associated with nutritional deficiency.
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Epidemic dropsy is food born disease which is defined as "a disease, usually either infectious or toxic in nature, caused by agents that enter the body through the ingestion of food".
Epidemic dropsy has been reported from time to time in various parts of India.
Outbreak of epidemic dropsy was suspected as per primary investigation carried out by district health team.
Type of Study: A community based cross sectional study was carried out for investigation of epidemic dropsy in Panchmahal district.
Total 13 cases of epidemic dropsy from two different families of Dholkhakhara were reported.
Total 13 cases of epidemic dropsy including one death were reported by rapid response team of medical college.
Outbreak of epidemic dropsy usually occurs between the months of May and November.
Active toxic principle sanguinarine has been shown to produce widespread capillary dilation coupled with increased capillary permeability, and produces clinical features similar to epidemic dropsy under experimental conditions.
It was sudden onset, common source outbreak of epidemic dropsy in Dholkhakhara village of Panchmahal district.
Investigation into the epidemiology of epidemic dropsy. Part V.
The experimental production of syndrome of epidemic dropsy in man.
Oxidative damage of plasma proteins and lipids in epidemic dropsy patients:Alterations in Antioxidant Status.