Dermatology A ruby laser for removing tattoos and pigmented lesions, and hair
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EpiTouch Alex (Sharplan/ESC), and the GentleLase (Candela Corp.
Its Rodney Street clinic was the first in the UK to introduce the Epitouch 5100 Alexandrite laser hair removal treatment, which has proved a real winner with clients and is an effective way of removing unwanted hair.
Here, as with Rodney Street, clients have the choice of two methods of hair removal: the Epitouch 5100 Alexandrite laser and the Skin Soft light treatment.
Tony and his colleagues are convinced that by using the Epitouch 5100 Alexandrite laser and Soft Skin light treatments, clients will experience a safer, easier way to remove unwanted hair.
The Epitouch Ruby laser works by producing a light which is highly absorbed in hair but only minimally absorbed by the skin.
The Company also announced that it has displayed its comprehensive line of aesthetic lasers, including its EpiTouch Ruby laser for hair removal, in an annual meeting of the European academy of dermatology and virology held in Lisbon, Portugal on October 13-17, 1996.
Clinical studies have already shown that hair removal with the EpiTouch is fast, relatively painless and causes fewer side effects than certain other methods of hair removal.
Laser Industries has filed a 510(k) application with the FDA for clearance to market EpiTouch in the US for hair removal.
AMEX: LAS), a leader in medical laser applications, today announced that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted clearance for its EpiTouch ruby laser to be marketed in the United States for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions.
The EpiTouch was unveiled last month at the Clinical Dermatology 2000 conference in Vancouver, Canada, and is currently being sold in Europe and the Pacific Rim.
In the area of technology, the Company will provide specialized state-of-the-art lasers including market leader SilkTouch and newcomer EpiTouch , an exciting new product soon to be introduced for hair removal.