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Know who the child's parents are and if they carry an epi-pen.
Green says his group and others including the Pennsylvania Medical Society recently helped pass legislation in Pennsylvania that will make epi-pens more available in school settings for students and staff who may have allergic reactions.
Last but not least, make certain that colleagues 1) understand the seriousness of this employee's condition, 2) are prepared to adjust their own behavior accordingly, 3) can recognize the signs of anaphylaxis, and 4) are trained in appropriate first aid, including use of the epi-pen and whom to call in the hospital if a serious reaction develops.
A final page offers rules for kids with peanut allergy and their parents to follow, such as "Carry your Epi-Pen with you at all times" and "Do not eat food if you don't know what's in it".
It's packed with anti-histamines, her emergency inhaler and her Epi-pen - to counteract very severe reactions.
When he became ill all appropriate procedures were immediately followed including injecting him with the epi-pen held at school for emergencies.
Staff with first-aid qualifications will administer an Epi-Pen - an injection of adrenaline carried by those who suffer from the condition.
For those with severe allergies to things like peanuts or shellfish, an Epi-Pen is a must.
Georgina's allergies are so serious she has to carry an adrenalin-loaded Epi-pen to save her from a life-threatening reaction.
5% of children worldwide have a 'true' food allergy - one that requires the sufferer to carry an epi-pen, but up to 20% of people believe they have some form of adverse reaction to one or a number of foods.
Bee stings have been associated with potentially lethal anaphylactic shock and increasing numbers of people now carry an epi-pen with them in case they are stung.