environmental pollution

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pertaining to or emanating from the environment.

environmental injuries
include burns, electrical injuries, frostbite, heat stroke.
environmental mastitis
mastitis caused by Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp., Aerobacter aerogenes.
permanent environmental factors
factors which affect all measures of performance equally and through the patient's lifetime, e.g. fulltime at pasture, tropical climate.
environmental pollution
the presence of offensive, but not necessarily infectious, matter in the environment. For example, pollution may be by specific organic or inorganic chemicals, by physical agents such as dust, volcanic fallout, smoke, automobile fumes, radioactive material and animal feces and urine. Each of these items and noise pollution is dealt with under specific headings.
environmental stress
see stress (2).
temporary environmental factors
risk factors which may vary widely, e.g. nutrition, pregnancy status, disease.
environmental variance
that portion of the phenotypic variance caused by differences in the environment to which the individuals have been exposed.
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He assured that provincial secretaries of higher education and environment departments would be requested to take notice of the college and environmental pollution related issues.
Prof Qalandar Shah Lakiari blamed the US for not complying with environmental laws resulting in large environmental pollution.
It is expected to resolve problems of acquiring and identifying evidence for environmental pollution crimes, it said, adding that the police will closely cooperate with environmental protection agencies.
Considering the data availability, we use environmental petition visit number (unit: people) to represent public participation (PUB) variables, the pollution control investment complete frontal (unit: million) to represent government regulation (ER) variables, and use "three wastes" total emissions to represent environmental pollution (PUL) variables.
Politicians, scientists and economists recently have discussed the problem of environmental pollution and its effects on humankind, attempting to determine appropriate solutions to avoid such hazards.
According to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, Ministerial rhetoric about protecting the environment is not matched by Government or local government action.
Beijing has recently officially admitted that environmental pollution, the unacceptable side of market developments, is out of control.
Understanding Environmental Pollution is rich in general information about most forms of pollution at the household, local, and global level.
The court held that this plain language provided coverage for expenses incurred by the insured in responding to government agency orders administratively imposed, even though the government did not file any lawsuit against the insured seeking cleanup and abatement of environmental pollution.
Drawing upon a diversity of sources and original research, author Jim Keith reveals how the rich elite of the world have initiated a secret program of space migration to escape the environmental pollution and overpopulation which is not-so-gradually destroying the habitability of the Earth.
Moreover, in the case of environmental pollution, active pesticide ingredients may encounter detergents or other lipohilic xenobiotics with comparable effects other than those of their own adjuvants, for instance, forming microvesides to penetrate the cells.
The call for action by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution includes no-spray zones between fields to reduce the risks to residents and bystanders and more information about the chemicals used.

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