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There has been tremendous and hostile resistance to educating doctors on the dangers of environmental illness and toxic mold, generated mainly by the fields of Occupational Medicine, Public Health, Allergy, and Psychiatry.
Allergic to life: Psychological factors in environmental illness.
by focusing on how women with environmental illness conceptualise and
Levin testified in court a few years ago that since 1974, when he began practicing clinical ecology, he had diagnosed every patient he saw as suffering from environmental illness.
Surveys have noted that individuals with diagnosis of environmental illness are mostly middle aged woman who tend to be well-educated, interested in details of their diagnosis, attend support groups and develop friendships with fellow sufferers.
I think I made Peter someone with AIDS not only because it's another immune-system illness, like environmental illness - they're often linked - but also because there was this history of New Age thinking and AIDS that I wanted to bring into the film.
Its mission is to raise awareness of the plight of persons with myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental illness and Gulf War illnesses.
Topics include a range of complaints appearing in emergency rooms and similar settings, including allergy, cardiovascular issues, dental conditions, endocrinology, environmental illness, gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, hematology and oncology, infectious disease, metabolic disorders and nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, obstetrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pediatrics and pediatric surgery, plastic surgery and wound repair, basic procedures, psychiatric and substance abuse, pulmonary, rheumatology, toxicology, trauma and urology.
American Academy of Environmental Medicine 2006 Instructional Courses Pearls to Easily Recognize and Treat Environmental Illness in All Age Groups.
Here are two books that can help, both written by women who have conquered environmental illness.
Meanwhile, I would like to pass on some of the symptoms of MCS, courtesy of the Environmental Illness Society of Canada (EICS).
Doctors who treat environmental illness and chronic Lyme disease risk losing their medical licenses if their protocols trigger insurance company complaints to a state medical board.

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