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Etymology: ME, blechen
the act or process of removing stains or color by chemical means.
Dentistry The process of removing stains from the teeth; whitening is the generally preferred term
Dermatology The process of removing color or pigment from the skin using various potentially harmful chemicals
Environment A mass extinction of coral in certain regions which is variously attributed to global warming or to local stressors
Vox populi The removing of stains or colours, in particular, the process of whitening fabrics by chemicals—e.g., bleach, or bleaching powder consisting of chloride of lime


Technique used to brighten stained teeth.
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1. The process of changing colour from the pink of a dark-adapted retina to a pale yellow colour after it has been exposed to light. This is due to the reaction of the rhodopsin pigment. The process is reversible if the healthy retina is allowed to remain in the dark.
2. Process to remove a tint from organic lenses. See visual pigment.

bleach, bleach·ing

(blēch, blēching)
Removal of color from an object using chemicals or light.


n the use of a chemical oxidizing agent to lighten tooth discolorations. Preferred term is
whitening. See also agent, whitening.
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