enteral nutrition

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enteral nutrition

the provision of nutrients through the GI tract when the client cannot ingest, chew, or swallow food but can digest and absorb nutrients.

enteral nutrition

Enteral feeding Critical care The provision of nutrients by catheter, NG tube or if needed for > 4 wks, by gastrostomy or jejunostomy, to a Pt who cannot ingest food–eg, due to an upper GI tract malignancy, but whose GI tract does not require complete 'rest' Pros Preserves GI architecture, prevents bacterial translocation from the colon, fewer complications than TPN, ↓ cost. See Cancer cachexia, Malnutrition.

en·ter·al nu·tri·tion

(en'tĕr-ăl nū-trish'ŭn)
Alimentation provided by means of a tube into the stomach or intestine.

Enteral nutrition

Nourishment given through a tube or stoma directly into the small intestine, thus bypassing the upper digestive tract.


within, by way of, or pertaining to the intestine.

enteral feeding
delivery of nutrients directly into the stomach, duodenum or jejunum. Called also enteral nutrition.
enteral nutrition
see enteral feeding (above).
enteral tube
the feeding tube positioned in the alimentary tract for administration of nutrients. See also enterostomy tube.


1. the sum of the processes involved in taking in nutriments and assimilating and utilizing them.
2. nutriment.
It includes all the processes by which the body uses food for energy, maintenance and growth. See also malnutrition, inanition, starvation, thirst, nutritional.

critical care nutrition
provision of nutritional support for patients in critical care units; usually requires modification of normal nutritional requirements to meet the demands of stress, injury and disease, and to support recovery from these states.
enteral nutrition
see enteral feeding.
intravenous nutrition
see parenteral nutrition (below).
nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990
an amendment to the (US) Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act which defines how foods, claimed to affect disease, are not regulated as drugs.
parenteral nutrition
a technique for meeting a patient's nutritional needs by means of intravenous feeding; sometimes called hyperalimentation, even though it does not provide excessive amounts of nutrients. Nutrition by intravenous feeding may be total parenteral nutrition (TPN) or supplemental. TPN provides all of the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals needed for the building of tissue, expenditure of energy, and other physiological activities.
total parenteral nutrition
called also TPN; see parenteral nutrition (above).
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