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entelechy (en·te′·l·kē),

n the fulfillment of all possible capabilities in a biological system. Homeopathic remedies are believed to encourage entelechy in human beings.
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The material Salem offers at the end of Chapter 1, which enriches our understanding of the function argument by way of the concepts energeia and entelecheia found in Aristotle's Metaphysics, is excellent.
This is also a metaphysical question about the entelecheia of human being, of the species essence.
24) While energeia comes from ergon (work or deed) and thus literally means a "being at work," entelecheia comes from entelos (complete, in full) and echein (have, hold) and thus best translates as "having its telos within.
Solving this problem may have something to do with the application, in the De Anima, of entelecheia to that particular part of nature which is psuche.
Soul as an entelecheia should come to light in two distinct senses, corresponding to the distinction between episteme and theorein, or between knowledge and the exercise of it.
Chapters I through 3 of book 2 prepare us for an analysis of soul as an entelecheia.