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A minor homeopathic remedy used for trauma, aches, chills, lymph node swelling, and pregnancy-related uterine pain.
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But in other areas of town, people seem to enjoy the dandelions, English daisy and clover riddling their yards, he said.
The flower of an English daisy, pictured in the exhibition, consists of 21 spirals clockwise and 34 counterclockwise.
"She says an African daisy and an English daisy are both flowers, but totally different kinds"
Spritz with Yardley's Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette, EUR11.25, a dewy fresh, green floral fragrance, inspired by Kate.
Yardley Royal English Daisy moisturising body lotion, pounds 5.95 for 250ml Yardley's new scent is the first fresh fragrance to come from the traditional cosmetics house for a while.

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