Calendula officinalis

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Herbal medicine
An annual that contains carotenoids, essential oils, flavonoids, mucilage, saponins and sterols, which is said to have antimicrobial and antiseptic effects.

Calendula officinalis

The pot marigold, a flowering plant of the marigold family from whose flowers extracts are made for a topical anti-inflammatory, bactericide, and antiseptic.
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French and English marigolds, salvias, geraniums, petunias, sweet peas and many others will keep blooming if the fading flowers are removed.
You can choose flowers to match your colour scheme ( brick red nasturtiums, bronze and yellow mixtures of nemesias, vivid pale blue nigella (love-in-a-mist), rich orange English marigolds and, for the back of the border, tall annual chrysanthemums.

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