England Index

A computed index based on a formula, mean corpuscular volume (MCV)—red cells (.05) x Haemoglobin (3.4)—which is intended to help discriminate between thalassemic and non-thalassemic—e.g., iron-deficiency—microcytocytic anaemia
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* To examine the pattern of dental caries in English children by measuring tooth decay on the basis of ICDAS codes, reported health behaviours which include frequency of tooth brushing and consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and deprivation level of the children measured using the England Index of Multiple Quintile based on the home postcodes of the children.
This, along with the launch of the England index, builds a connection for the first time between BBC News Online and the 21 'Where You Live' sites.
Church of England indexes led me to the marriage of James Coleman and Ethel Sutton listed in Birmingham.