Enduring Power of Attorney

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A legal document that enables one to appoint another to manage one’s financial affairs and property, either now or in the future.
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Conclusion: The CASEPA is a potentially useful tool to assess the mental capacity of an individual to sign an enduring power of attorney.
People are now encouraged by government to plan for the risks of disability by granting an enduring power of attorney, appointing an enduring guardian or (as contemplated by Hunter and New England Area Health Service v A by his tutor T (2009) 74 NSWLR 88) preparing an advance care directive in anticipation of death, during incapacity, and for the guidance and protection of carers.
While the enduring power of attorney is easy and so useful, it also is an easy tool for a rogue to financially abuse a senior.
An enduring power of attorney, in the prescribed form, confers on the attorney the authority to do on behalf of the principal anything that the principal may lawfully do.
Often, my advice depends on whether a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) (or Enduring Power of Attorney before October 2007) is in place or not.
The LPA may initially appear to be a fearsome document (those familiar with its predecessor the Enduring Power of Attorney would agree that the LPA is far lengthier
Two kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) - property and affairs, and personal welfare - replaced and invalidated the old Enduring Power of Attorney in October last year.
Q SEVERAL years ago my mother signed an Enduring Power of Attorney, appointing me as her attorney, but it has never been used.
A YOU can use an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) to give responsibility for all your affairs to one or more trusted people.
For a free guide to Enduring Power of Attorney ring 0800 544 644.
Strengthening the law that will protect older Tasmanians, particularly in times of vulnerability such as when appointing an enduring Power of Attorney, is a key initiative of the Elder Abuse Prevention Strategy, and I am so pleased Minister Wightman has worked with us to make this happen.