Endurance Sport

A sports activity by individual—i.e., non team—athletes in which key muscles are exercised at submaximal intensity for prolonged periods of time
Examples Swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, cycling, cross-country skiing, race walking
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HH Shaikh Faisal said that the opening of a special studio at the Bahrain Endurance Village represented a quantum leap in the history of endurance sport in the kingdom, as it hosted BREEF officials, organising committee members, trainers and riders to talk about the prestigious event, which, he noted, increased the level of excitement and competition, on the one hand, and contributed to promoting the endurance sport culture, on the other.
Mirwais Azizi, chairman of Azizi Group, said: "We are delighted to partner with Meydan in honouring HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's commitment to endurance sport through the Festival.
Our spirit is high and our aim is to bag more medals in order to highlight the prosperous era of His Majesty as well as to confirm our status among the world's best in endurance sport," said Shaikh Nasser.
Swim Run UK is the newest endurance sport for athletes and was inspired by Sweden's OTILLO.
Iron Dads: Managing Family, Work, and Endurance Sport Identities
2000: Steve Redgrave, at the age of 38, became the greatest Olympian in an endurance sport with a fifth consecutive gold medal as he led Great Britain's coxless four crew to victory at the Sydney Olympics.
Washington, April 3 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that in addition to keeping muscles fit, endurance sport also improves the neuronal connections to the muscle fibers based on a muscle-induced feedback.
Armstrong believes such a process is the only way for endurance sport to tackle the spectre of doping.
Shaikh Mohammad, who is the reigning world endurance champion, said the UAE dominated the endurance sport as the horses involved are Arabian horses.
Separate chapters provide in depth nutritional recommendations for each endurance sport (Triathlon, Cycling, Distance Running and Swimming), allowing athletes to form specific nutritional plans.
After appearing on stage in front of 100,000 people at Hyde Park, Wiggins said: "The one thing with an endurance sport, we aren't blessed with incredible bodies because we have to be very skinny.
Chapters cover the basics of dehydration, overhydration, and provide hydration guidelines for endurance sport and training.