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Cholecystectomy or gallbladder in situ after endoscopic sphincterotomy and bile duct stone removal in Chinese patients.
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Endoscopic sphincterotomy reduces the distal bile duct pressure and facilitates closure of leaking cystic ducts.
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In conclusion, PDE is the treatment of choice not only for ampullary carcinoma but also for adenoma with high grade dysplasia also for elderly persons in good somatical status; (3,17) for frail unfit persons (19) with distant metastases or miscellaneous contraindications for surgery remains endoscopic sphincterotomy and stenting a valide alternative of palliative treatment.
Furthermore, performing endoscopic sphincterotomy does not eliminate the risk of recurrent pancreatitis or other gallstone-related events, Dr.
Currently total excision with reconstuction of the biliary tree by means of hepaticojejenostomy is considered to be the treatment of choice although type III cysts have been shown to respond adequately when managed with endoscopic sphincterotomy. (3) This approach reduces the risk of malignant disease by 60-70%.
Endoscopic sphincterotomy of the bile duct is commonly performed prior to removing bile duct stones or placing a biliary stent.
An endoscopic sphincterotomy was performed in the remaining 54 patients and, in eight of these, mechanical lithotripsy.
There is also concern about the potential long-term consequences of endoscopic sphincterotomy in young patients, that is, the risk of stenosis and late bile duct problems.
Optimal dilation time for combined small endoscopic sphincterotomy and balloon dilation for common bile duct stones: a multicentre, single-blinded, randomised controlled trial.
The management of perforation of the duodenum following endoscopic sphincterotomy: a proposal for selective therapy.

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