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"The increased risk for endocrine diseases in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors indicates the need for counseling and follow-up, and could guide future preventive measures and surveillance strategies," the authors write.
Results at a median follow-up of 7.5 years showed that the trial met its primary endpoint: The risk of invasive disease-free survival events (invasive disease recurrence, second primary cancer, or death) was not inferior for women given endocrine therapy alone, compared with counterparts given chemotherapy plus endocrine therapy (hazard ratio, 1.08; P = .26), Dr.
Chief among the players in the development of diabetes are the various endocrine glands.
He said the endocrine experts from SAARC region would formulate a joint strategy to assess prevalence as well as address common endocrine disorders as the region has similar culture and eating habits besides similar physical appearance.
Using the SEER-Medicare database, we estimated the proportion of women aged 65 and older who receive endocrine therapy in the year following DCIS and evaluated factors associated with endocrine therapy initiation, including surgery, radiation, and other patient and tumor characteristics.
But to fulfill the regulatory definition of the European Commission, EDCs would have to meet an even greater burden of proof than carcinogens--a backward step that "defeats the purpose of the regulations--to shield the public from EDCs that pose a threat to human health," Remy Slama, PhD, a member of the Society's European Union Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Task Force, stated in an Endocrine Society news release.
After several days of presenting their findings, the participants all agreed: "Many compounds introduced into the environment by human activity are capable of disrupting the endocrine system of animals, including fish, wildlife, and humans.
It is critical to understand that exposure to compounds that affect endocrine activity can result in persistence of more than one generation.
South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES) it may be mentioned here consists of associations of The Endocrine Society of Bangladesh, Endocrine Society of India, Diabetes and Endocrine Association of Nepal, Pakistan Endocrine Society and Endocrine Society of Sir Lanka.
KUWAIT, April 13 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti Society of Endocrinology is organizing the 11th endocrine conference entitled "New Advances in Endocrine Disorders", from April 26 to 27, in cooperation with the Pediatric Endocrine Unit/Children Department at Sabah Hospital.
Adding to its line of convenience packets, which include General Health and Bone Health packs, Standard Process Inc., Palmyra, WI, has introduced Adrenal Health and General Female Endocrine packs.