Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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Using the general semantics device of dating, we can begin to distinguish between the differing meanings and connotations of Endlosung thus: Endlosung 1935, Endlosung 1941, etc.
The problems with the time-based definitions of Endlosung begin with information leaking out from survivors or escapees of the six death camps, all located in Poland.
Putting this in terms of understanding the evolving definition of Endlosung, we now have Endlosung 1946, which includes mass killings not only with poison gas, but also with steam at Treblinka, and electricity.
So clearly, if we have now another time-based definition, Endlosung 1953, based on the revisions to the historiography based on Reitlinger's trailblazing work, then it differs from Endlosung 1946 in its omission of electrocutions.
Therefore, we may even consider a definition, Endlosung 1944, which did not include steam chambers as a killing method.