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(ĕn′dərz), John Franklin 1897-1985.
American bacteriologist. He shared a 1954 Nobel Prize for developing a method of growing the poliomyelitis virus in various tissue cultures.
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Enders, who also faces a battle to sell the deal to shareholders, told German lawmakers any state role had to be limited for the combined company - which would be the world's largest aerospace and defence group - to be competitive.
On his new role, German-born Enders told staff he will only make decisions at EADS - parent company of Toulouse-headquartered Airbus - after a series of internal meetings over the summer.
Dystopian sci-fi at its best, Starters is a terrific series kickoff with a didn't-see-that-coming conclusion that will leave readers on the edges of their seats, waiting for the second and final book, Enders, which will be out this year." SUSAN CARPENTER
Tom Enders said the company, whose main rival is Boeing Co , had reviewed the number of orders it expects as it sees an end to the crisis that hit the aircraft sector.
RICKY & BIANCA: Would you believe that they're the most 'engaging' couple in Enders? JAKE & MICHELLE: As Big Ben strikes, the roofer returns to show the Corrie girl the high life.
Enders said: "We have no plans to build the wings other than in the UK.
Enders hoped that the surveillance cameras at the exchange--The New York Jewelry Center--had caught something to corroborate the broker's story.
Egged on by the moderator of a debate on the issue, ex-paratrooper Enders and the avuncular Boeing veteran Carson made a seemingly uncomfortable attempt to be jovial by putting their arms around each other, prompting awkward grins.
The actress, her parents, Debbie and George, and her boyfriend, former East Enders actor Ray Panthaki, were among more than 50 people who paid their respects at the scene in York Way, Islington, yesterday afternoon.
Evelyne Ender's Architexts of Memory is no exception to this reflex of putting the professional medium (here, language) ahead of the stuff it means to represent.
But there's no rush to the doors,,,I think the majority of customers will stay." Airbus parent EADS co-CEO Tom Enders told reporters in Munich this week that the manufacturer remains confident in the A380F, noting that it recently forecast demand for 400 "very large" freighters over the next 20 years (ATWOnline, Nov.
There is no need to stop the freighter version of the Airbus A380 even though only one customer has ordered it, according to EADS co-CEO Tom Enders.