fogo selvagem

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fo·go sel·va·gem

(fō'gō sel'vă-jem),
A form of pemphigus foliaceus, occurring in southern Brazil, in which the lesions are bullous, appear localized to the face and upper trunk, become widespread, variegated, erythrodermic, and exfoliative, and are immunologically indistinguishable from pemphigus foliaceus or vulgaris.
[Pg. wild fire]
A form of pemphigus foliaceus, an autoimmune blistering disorder, which is endemic in rural Colombia and Brazil
Epidemiology Fogo selvagem affects children and young adults and is distributed along rivers within the flying range of blackflies (Simuliidae), suggesting an environmental link
Management Steroids

fogo selvagem

(fo'go, goo sel-va'zhem) [Portuguese, literally “wild fire”],


An autoimmune disease that causes blistering of the skin of the head, neck or trunk, esp. when the skin is rubbed (Nikolsky's sign). It often causes a burning dysesthesia, from which its popular name is derived. The disease is typically found in Brazil or Colombia and has been associated with chronic or recurrent exposure to black flies. Synonym: endemic pemphigus foliaceus.


F., Brazilian physician.
Amendola syndrome - a form of pemphigus foliaceus that is endemic to Brazil. Synonym(s): Brazilian pemphigus; fogo selvagem; wildfire pemphigus
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