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end of life

Cardiac pacing
noun The point at which a pacemaker signals a need for replacement, as its battery is nearing depletion.
adjective Referring to a final period (hours, days, weeks, months) in a person’s life, in which it is medically obvious that death is imminent or a terminal moribund state cannot be prevented. As in, end-of-life care.

End-of-life care—making decisions 
Initiate discussion: 
• Establish supportive doctor-patient relationship;
• Designate surrogate decision maker;
• Identify patient’s general preferences.
Clarify prognosis: 
• Keep message clear, avoid misunderstanding;
• Acknowledge prognostic limitations.
Identify end-of-life goals: 
• Determine if preferences have changed;
• Identify individual priorities.
Develop treatment plan: 
• Help patient understand treatment options;
• Discuss resuscitation;
• Discuss palliative care.
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Cardiac pacing noun The point at which a pacemaker signals need for replacement, as its battery is nearing depletion Medtalk adjective Referring to a final period–hrs, days, wks, months in a person's life in which it is medically obvious that death is imminent or a terminal moribund state cannot be prevented. See Hospice.
End-of-life care–making decisions
Initiate discussion
• Establish supportive doctor-Pt relationship
• Designate surrogate decision maker
• Identify Pt's general preferences
Clarify prognosis
• Keep message clear, avoid misunderstanding
• Acknowledge prognostic limitations
Identify end of life goals
• Determine if preferences have changed
• Identify individual priorities
Develop treatment plan
• Help Pt understand treatment options
• Discuss resuscitation
• Discuss palliative care (RB Balaban, Harvard U, in Qual Life Matters 9,10/00)
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"A deeper understanding of what drives both patterns and quality of end-of-life care among patients with advanced CKD may help to identify opportunities to improve care for members of this population," the authors write.
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