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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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Recognized to be the unique 256-bit block encryption algorithm that possesses security levels and processing abilities comparable to AES - BestCrypt's default option - the Camellia cipher can easily be selected when creating a new container.
Rijndael Encryption Algorithm developed by two Belgian cryptographers, Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen, to participate in the Advanced Encryption Standard contest that after three steps and the Completion, this algorithm was selected.
NEC's newly developed encryption algorithm enables high-speed processing in all environments, including small, dedicated encryption devices, and software processing on microcomputer servers.
Anyone can read the code and check if there are any loopholes, or incorrect implementations of the encryption algorithms.
General data encryption algorithm can not provide direct encryption to protect visual media data.
Four of them present the system's operating time using only one encryption algorithm without dynamic key generation.
The A5/3 encryption algorithm supplies signalling protection so that voice calls, user-generated data and other sensitive information is protected over the radio path.
Once an encryption algorithm is selected, a key is generated based on the specific security requirements.
The AES symmetric-key encryption algorithm was developed as a replacement for the 1977 Data Encryption Standard (DES) still widely used for encrypting data sent between banks.
Earlier this year, the White House proposed a novel "key-escrow" cryptographic system based on an encryption algorithm developed in secret by the National Security Agency (NSA).
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Encryption Algorithm discusses the popular encryption algorithms, assesses them, and provides strategic recommendations for technology evaluation.
Camellia, the next generation encryption algorithm that provides the world's highest security and performance, is an international standard and recommended cipher.