Empty Quiver

A US Department of Defense term for a seized, stolen or lost nuclear weapon
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Last year I published a book, "An Empty Quiver," about some of my top bowhunts.
The partially censored document obtained by the AP indicate that the security team was required to respond to the simulated capture of a Minuteman 3 nuclear missile silo by hostile forces, termed an ''Empty Quiver'' scenario in which a nuclear weapon is lost, stolen or seized.
In other words, the difference between where you will hit with a full quiver and an empty quiver (or no quiver) can be as much as three inches at 40 yards.
The end result is An Empty Quiver, a candid look back across the long life of a modest, intelligent, and deeply religious man who believes the best way to live one's life is by viewing everything as a miracle.
An Empty Quiver is a good book written by a good man.
At 40 yards, the center point of the groups I shot with a full quiver were less than two inches from the center point of those I shot with an empty quiver.