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Medical practice A person who works for another person, an organization or business. See Service employee. Cf Independent contractor.


n a person who, under the direction and control of the employer, performs services for remuneration.
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Plant managers who had permitted me and my colleague Peg Holmes, ABC, to interview several of their employees in 1978 decided to share that employee data with the group at Chevrolet.
Employees could then use the RSC to sell their homes in one of two ways.
The general rule in California is that employment is "at will," meaning that employees may be terminated for any reason with or without prior notice.
1) In addition, many employers find themselves wondering what responsibilities they owe the departing employees during their absence and upon return to civilian life.
In the day-to-day, employees and proprietors are subject to a variety of stresses on their mental and physical well-being.
Los Angeles city government with 37,000 employees fired only six workers for doing a poor job in the past 15 months, largely because complex procedures and elaborate civil service rules protect incompetents, a Daily News review of public records and interviews with experts inside and outside city government shows.
As a labor-relations attorney with more than 35 years of experience representing management in all facets of labor relations, I have emphasized to my long-term care clients that a written strategic communications action plan can be one of the most important steps to ending adversarial relationships with employees and reducing the threat of labor problems.
The 2003 survey included more than 2,800 randomly selected employers, from public and private, large and small companies, with numbers of employees ranging from three to more than 300,000.
Some service providers prefer independent contractor status because of the tax benefits not available to employees, including being able to contribute significant dollars to their own qualified retirement plan and deducting legitimate business expenses.

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