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Medical practice A person who works for another person, an organization or business. See Service employee. Cf Independent contractor.


n a person who, under the direction and control of the employer, performs services for remuneration.
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Once the deployment ends, USERRA provides a timetable for employees to report back to work.
Having successfully communicated its concern for its employees, management can open more direct channels of communication, knowing that its credibility is secure.
In Massachusetts, for example, public (but not private) employees generally receive 17 days of paid military leave for service in the reserves, or 34 days of paid military leave if they serve in the state armed forces.
In fact, only two employees have been involuntarily separated by organizational changes to date, said Virginia King, Deputy Chief of Staff of Personnel and Logistics.
org), in New York City, says that most managers, supervisors, and employees don't get the true benefits of employee evaluations because they're uncomfortable communicating with each other.
employing about 110 professional and non-professional employees to care for people who suffer from mental retardation and mental illness.
Employees gain a sense of involvement in the day-to-day production process when their suggestions are heard.
By way of background, the Federal Reserve System has its own defined benefit retirement plan, which has two benefit structures: the Board Plan, covering Board employees hired pre-1984, which is modeled on the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS); and the Bank Plan, covering Board employees hired after 1983 and all employees of the Federal Reserve Banks.
Thus, a corporation can direct the grant of ISOs to those employees who are most valuable or most in need of an incentive linked to company performance, and to those employees most likely to benefit from the special tax characteristics of ISOs.
Plant managers who had permitted me and my colleague Peg Holmes, ABC, to interview several of their employees in 1978 decided to share that employee data with the group at Chevrolet.
Employees could then use the RSC to sell their homes in one of two ways.

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