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My criticism of Kaspar's intuitionism is essentially what you'd expect of a moral realist of foundationalist and empiricist epistemological leanings.
Like many empiricists, she allowed faithfulness to formal methodological requirements to override the need for thorough theorizing of time and the temporality of how historical events unfold.
Jefferson Powell, Response, A Response to Professor Knight, Are Empiricists Asking the Right Questions About Judicial Decisionmaking?
Snow's duality does not appear to apply to our divide between empiricists and modelers directly.
But now that the cost of empiricism has fallen, a cascade of empiricists of all kinds--economists, psychologists, political scientists--is flowing into our universities and think tanks.
Empiricists should be secure enough in their epistemological commitments that they need not ridicule and thus further alienate their opposition.
In fact, those who deny the reality of the past tend not to be postmodernists but empiricists who tell lies.
10] As a consequence, the main interest of empiricists lay in therapeutics more than in mechanisms of disease.
To put matters in their simplest terms, empiricists take unobservables to be epistemically inaccessible, while constructivists regard all objects, conceived as realists understand them, to be epistemically inaccessible.
Chapter 4 considers methodological approaches for feminist empiricists and raises some of the debates and dilemmas.
Despite this pragmatic emphasis, the book should provide plenty of forage for theoreticians as well as empiricists in the many critical discussions of questions models can address, limitations of existing ones, comparisons among alternative modeling and analytical approaches, and unresolved problems that invite further work.