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(ĕm-pĕd′ə-klēz′) Fifth century bc.
Greek philosopher who believed that all matter is composed of elemental particles of fire, water, earth, and air.
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This notion of temporality also extends to history in the sketch included among Holderlin's Empedokles drafts, typically entitled "Das untergehende Vaterland .
Empedokles also said that this may get Larnaca into the Guinness World Records again.
22; [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Empedokles DK 31 B 150 = Plu.
intuition] Poem, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "Concerning Nature"; according to the manner of Pythagoras, "his golden verses," of Parmenides or Empedokles, after whom Lucretius in his turn modelled the finest extant illustration of that manner of writing, of thinking.
He finished the second volume of Hyperion and began a tragedy, Der Tod des Empedokles (The Death of Empedocles ), which he never completed.
It might be possible to see Empedokles as Holderlin's Faust that might have been, but Uta Degner's readings of Holderlin's late poetry pose an image of the poet that underscores how unrealistic such an expectation would be.
The fictive references to Jacobin methods in Hyperion and Empedokles (with Alabanda and Hermokrates) reflect only one side of Holderlin's concerns.
The threat of breakdown and the desire to escape it are especially clear in Holderlin's Der Tod des Empedokles, in which Empedokles fails to gain uptake from the people when he declares himself a god by means of the verb substantive "I am.
I want it to be clear from the outset that, though I belong to the subset of those who generally feel that Holderlin can do no wrong, his fragmentary The Death of Empedokles never had great appeal for me.
Jean Bollack has gone so far as to claim that 'die philosophische Affinitat zu Empedokles starker als die doktrinare Treue zum Heilbringer Epikur erscheint'.