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Emil, German psychiatrist, 1856-1926.
Kraepelin-Morel disease - psychosis of schizophrenia.
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Dr Rasid Tahsin (1870-1936), who studied with Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926) in Germany was the instructor of this first course on neuropsychiatry given at Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Adliye-i Sahane (The Imperial School of Medicine) (15,16).
This return to thinking of mood disorders as existing on a continuum, as psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, MD, theorized around the turn of the last century, pivots on the decision to do away with mixed states and to instead add the mixed features specifier.
Con base en esto, se realizo una investigacion sobre las trayectorias de medicos de la generacion intelectual de Juliano Moreira, Ulysses Vianna y Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926), que fueron parte de una generacion intelectual cuyo objetivo era crear una medicina experimental y de laboratorio, cada vez mas especializada, con una orientacion hacia lo biologico.
Finalmente, Emil Kraepelin (4), no ajeno a esta problematica, escribio el poema Discordia, que entre lineas refleja mucho del sufrimiento que puede sentir la persona que opta por no estar mas entre nosotros.
In its neopositivist revival of 19th century principles espoused by the notoriously biologistic German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, Lane is understandably concerned that contemporary psychiatry has increasingly reduced human emotion to neurological dysfunction in need of a pharmaceutical fix, leaving little to no space for what psychoanalysis does best, namely provide a plausible sociocultural explanation for why individuals do and feel the ordinary--now, pathological --things they do.
Cognitive deficits in schizophrenia: As early as 1896, the eminent German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin used the term dementia praecox for schizophrenia to imply that the disorder often strikes in adolescence or early adulthood and runs a chronic, lifelong, disabling course.
In order to recover from this traumatic experience, Jones went to Munich and enrolled in postgraduate studies in clinical psychiatry with Emil Kraepelin.
Un cientifico a quien le atrajo esta cuestion fue el psiquiatra aleman Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926).
He shows how neurasthenia was linked to degeneration (Benedict Morel, Emil Kraepelin, Max Nordau) and how this particular diagnosis related to the crisis of bourgeois self-confidence around 1900.
1) El nombre del maestro de Alzheimer era Emil Kraepelin, aunque algunos lo citan como Kraeplin o Kraemplin.
Before the hearing, the society proposed three selections -- schizophrenia, the Kraepelin-Bleuler syndrome, based on the names of Bleuler and German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, who studied the disease, and togo shiccho sho.
Still, as Hornstein recognizes, the definition of schizophrenia continues to evolve since Emil Kraepelin first classified it in the late nineteenth century.