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Emil, German psychiatrist, 1856-1926.
Kraepelin-Morel disease - psychosis of schizophrenia.
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Emil Kraepelin popularized the term 'manic-depression' when he distinguished manic-depressive insanity from dementia praecox at the turn of the 20th century (3).
Emil Kraepelin first called it dementia praecox, and in 1980, the DSM-III still described the most common course as "one of acute exacerbations with increasing residual impairment between episodes.
Cognitive deficits in schizophrenia: As early as 1896, the eminent German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin used the term dementia praecox for schizophrenia to imply that the disorder often strikes in adolescence or early adulthood and runs a chronic, lifelong, disabling course.
Discussing psychiatry in Europe, he writes about the famous Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926): "Kraepelin's fame rested on his distinction between dementia praecox [today termed schizophrenia], which he deemed the result of external causes (traumas) and possibly treatable through psychological techniques, on the one hand, and hereditary and incurable diseases of the brain, on the other" (p.
Nearly a century ago, German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin described healthy young adults who for no apparent reason lose their mental bearings.
We have known since Emil Kraepelin that autism is one of the four As of schizophrenia, but we cannot make a diagnosis of psychosis through casual observation of a person living in a dorm.