Emergency Use

The use of an unapproved drug in a 'life threatening situation' in which 'no standard acceptable treatment is available and there is insufficient time to obtain institutional review board approval'
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* Hormonal methods are not recommended for routine or repeated emergency contraception because the doses for emergency use cause unpleasant side effects.
* Contraceptive methods that can be used for emergency situations are typically not packaged or labeled specifically for emergency use, and the specialized regimens for use (related to timing of initiation and dosage) have not been granted regulatory approval in many countries.
The FDA's 1976 Medical Device Act allows for emergency use of artificial hearts only if the doctor or hospital has filed for FDA approval.
Hyundai, after all, wants to look beyond emergency uses and create that "new paradigm of mobility".
Vacuum pressure is a primary energy source in countless applications, including off-grid electricity for municipal and emergency uses. Think off-grid street lighting.
Certainly no primary navigator, it's no stretch to see the D2 has auxiliary and emergency uses.
For best results across the board the pistol uses slightly different recoil springs, although it will fire and function with either spring weight for emergency uses. Best-case scenario the pistol uses a 15-pound spring with the suppressor and a 17-pound spring without the can in place.
Reserve funds include proceeds from 3 percent of each unit sale, and are supposed to be held for major capital expenses, like heating and cooling repairs or other emergency uses. Asked if the case had been referred for criminal prosecution, a spokesman for the AG called the case an "ongoing investigation." Spending reserve funds is a crime in New York City.
"It is not even legal to use some of the chemicals in agriculture under current regulations, but they are still applied for emergency uses in hives," he said.
THE recent article about needing a new bridge for emergency uses, probably had the Transport people down London, laughing their heads off.
For emergency uses, each unit can be used as a laptop and placed in hotspots in a network to supplement peaks in high bandwidth/data usage or used in temporary functions for downed servers/workstations.
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