preformation theory

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pre·for·ma·tion the·o·ry

archaic theory that the embryo was fully formed in miniature within a gamete at the time of conception.
See also: homunculus. Compare: epigenesis.
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Diversite des cadres qui participent a l'elaboration de l'identite urbaine, emboitement des echelles pertinentes pour aborder l'etude du social, interaction entre les Iogiques de groupe--economiques, religieuses ou juridiques--et les strategies individuelles, toutes ces pistes ne sont qu'esquissees mais elles valent la peine d'etre soulignees, signalant la remise en cause d'une approche et d'une methodologie qui dominait l'approche des villes dans les grandes theses labroussiennes.
Ring composition, or classical Latin inclusio and medieval emboitement, as the device is also known, resembles architectonically a host of other small-scale or local tropes, figures, and graphic or acoustic games: the palindrome, the boustrophedon or mirror-spelled word, anadiplosis, the stanzaic corona, hysteron proteron, and, most important, antimetabole.
This embedded structure of the text-- Saindon prefers to refer to the process as "emboitement," rather than Biardeau's "enchassement" (p.
The containment of one level of diegesis inside another (which I prefer to call endodiegesis rather than metadiegesis) closely resembles the traditional rhetorical name for a device called inclusio or emboitement ("emboxment") or, sometimes, "ring composition." (This is the intensive framing of thematic kernels, one within another, as part of a narratorially continuous diegesis.) Both diegetic embedding and emboxment suggest a phenomenology of rectilinear geometry, and in the case of either t rope, classical narratives, epics especially, seemed to thrive on the mysterious if playful impression of boxed inclusions.
274-85) and some particularly suggestive remarks about the bifolium organization of the picture-plan and a hint of rhetorical emboitement in the disposition of the marginalia.
Trois recueils en trois formats (18x12, 18,5x14 et 20,5x15,5) qui pourraient faire songer a un emboitement de type "gigogne" ou "poupees russes" mais qu'unifient seulement les choix typographiques de la page titre et la repetition a l'identique de la quatrieme de couverture.
Pour les artisans des fusions, la democratie se realise par un emboitement d'instances de representation oeuvrant a une recherche du bien commun collectif.