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1. Any substance that flows out or is emitted from a source or origin.
2. The radiation from a radioactive element.
[L. e- mano, pp. -atus, to flow out]
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1. Any substance that flows out or is emitted from a source or origin.
2. The radiation from a radioactive element.
[L. e-mano, pp. -atus, to flow out]
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(em-a-na'shun) [L. e, out, + manare, to flow]
1. Something given off; radiation; emission.
2. A gaseous product of radioactive disintegration.

actinium emanation

The radioactive gas given off by actinium; a radioactive isotope of actinium. Synonym: actinon

radium emanation

The radioactive gas given off by radium. Synonym: radon

thorium emanation

The radioactive gas given off by thorium. Synonym: thoron
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Auriol notably introduces new metaphysical concepts that ground his doctrine of "unelicited emanations," whereby he seeks to erase the conceptual difference between emanations and receptions.
Emanations has no manifesto, nor any specific direction it is seeking to flesh out.
Countermeasures for Tempest--Transient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard--are aimed at preventing eavesdropping on data radiated as signals via conducting lines, such as power, telephone or control line cables.
Emanations of Grace is a selection of fifty-nine poems representative of ('A'isha's mystical themes and poetic style.
From the eavesdropper's point of view, the EM emanations can be divided to two board categories: direct emanations and indirect emanations [9].
G., "Compromising emanations of LCD TV sets," IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 931-936, 2011.
Nombre d'agriculteurs riverains de la decharge ont exprime, a la MAP, leur forte inquietude face a la propagation des odeurs pestilentielles et l'eparpillement des sacs en plastiques, soulignant que cette decharge constitue une source de preoccupation pour la population locale, vu les nuisances generees par les dechets, a savoir la multiplication des cas d'asphyxie, les emanations toxiques, et les mauvaises odeurs, avec une pollution affectant l'eau, le sol et l'air.
It's hard for us to remember this isn't metaphor but a new transliteration of the light: emanations particle-fine touch their cells, each paired receptor like a lover, tongue and groove, call and response, neurons firing in whatever language they speak.
Clarke is yet to admit he was the culprit in his Tavistock fourball (although he is the odds-on favourite) and identifying the source of odoriferous emanations has always been notoriously difficult.
He expressed consideration for the reforms being carried out in Tunisia which, he said, are emanations of the Tunisian people's will.
"La centrale electrique d'Ain El-Sokhna, d'une capacite de 1300 Megawatts, est constituee de deux unites a vapeur de 650 Megawatts chacune, fonctionant par la production de vapeur par pression caracterise par des effets thermiques tres eleves, permettant la diminution des quantites du combustible utilise, et par consequent la reduction des emanations de dioxyde de carbone", a precise Dr Hassan Younes.
The Portable Shielded Facility provides protection against electronic monitoring of possibly compromising emanations from computers and other electronic equipment while providing additional protection against visual surveillance.