Elschnig, Anton

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Anton, German ophthalmologist, 1863-1939.
Elschnig blepharorrhaphy
Elschnig bodies
Elschnig canthorrhaphy
Elschnig capsular forceps
Elschnig cataract knife
Elschnig corneal knife
Elschnig cyclodialysis spatula
Elschnig extrusion needle
Elschnig eye spoon
Elschnig iridectomy
Elschnig lens scoop
Elschnig lid retractor
Elschnig pearls - the proliferated anterior capsule of the lens of the eye after surgical capsulotomy or injury.
Elschnig pterygium knife
Elschnig refractor
Elschnig spots - isolated choroidal bright yellow or red spots with black pigment flecks at their borders, seen by ophthalmoscope in advanced hypertensive retinopathy.
Elschnig syndrome - ocular deformities often associated with cleft palate.
Elschnig trephine
Koerber-Salus-Elschnig syndrome - Synonym(s): Parinaud I syndrome
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